Denial Meets Contentment

Denial meets contentment when acceptance finds your lowest standard and sits down. Powered by curiosity I propel myself towards the other side of my denial to find what I possess that is hidden by goblins of doubt and false security. Maneuvering these goblins with jabs of forgiveness to find the well of possible reality. Here I find excellence and know such a state is reached

Razed Like This

In these moments, which become events, of panic, the feelings composing thoughts expand like toy sponge dinosaurs. They take the shape of the space in my mind; begins as a mold around my structured mind quickly pushing out the sanity, the calm, and the present with no clarity or recognizable matter. The (embarrassingly frequent) structures

Hopeless Case

The intention of this meeting is discussing hope. We are in an excellent position to heal each other if we are willing to heal ourselves. Hating government systems, police forces, and military and citing examples and proof of their flaws goes only so far to change them. As evolved as we have become we need